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    Prestige Effects, the special effects expert (foam, snow, CO2, flames, lasers, water fountains, confetti, bubbles, smoke, fog and many others). Our company makes a point of honor to work with quality gear and material so as to get the better use of our visual effects. Security is also a point not to be overlooked, some poorly controlled effects may be real dangers in use. Prestige Effects works in compliance with safety standards and ensures the smooth running of shows for the everyone’s sake.

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    Prestige Effects makes sure to use the most modern technology in special effects. From training our technicians (methodologies and practices) to the machinery, Prestige Effects uses the most modern methods in accordance with the system of imposed standards.


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    An event project, an idea, a show to set up, feel free to call on the special effects experts. Having already collaborated with public institutions and with great professional references Prestige Effects will be able to help you in your efforts and guide you, from your first steps to the final delivery.